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"Sinoff is always a treat. His Sinatra-like vocals dig mightily into the

Great American Songbook, particularly Sinatra covers. While he is a

fine singer, and has a strong following in that regard, I find his

piano solos even more enjoyable as he takes familiar

material to unexpected places." 

~ Ken Franckling

   Jazz Critic, Author/Photographer,  Jazz in the Key of Light

"Danny Sinoff is a huge talent yet to be discovered.  His voice has

an uncanny likeness to a young Sinatra, a vibrant influence of

Harry Connick, Jr., but Danny comes into his own with a style that is

both swinging and emotionally heartfelt.  As a pianist he is exciting

and dynamic, encompassing the styles of Oscar Peterson, Ahmad Jamal,

Keith Jarrett, Mulgrew Miller and Brad Mehldau. 

He is one of the most charismatic performers I have ever worked for,

getting standing ovations in supper clubs as well as concert halls.  

The whole world needs to hear the magic of Danny Sinoff."

~ P. Dean

"I am more than a fan of Danny's incredible talent and style.

His repertoire comes from a time when making music required skill,

taste, and feeling. He respects the talent of his colleagues and you can

hear the magic. He brings the music to life. Don't miss it!"

~ Melissa Surow Hathaway

"Saw him play at Ellington's in Florida and was amazed.

True sound and an awesome person too. Still listening to those

live recordings, Danny Sinoff!"

~ Brock Joseph Oliverio

"Danny plays and sings great. Timeless, high-end sound."

~ Rhett Jarrett

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